Dear Fellow Human beings

Dear Fellow Human beings

I don’t wish to make you upset, bring you down or increase your suffering.

As you know, there are 7 billion human beings on planet earth, as you know they all suffer one way or another for many different reasons.

I believe humans are made by design not to function correctly.  One of the biggest problems is our needs.  These needs bring us many problems and sometimes lead to disaster - for example the needs for food and security for ourselves and our loved ones.  Another need is that everybody is looking for happiness.  Sometimes happiness is achieved by peace in your mind and your heart, sometimes it is achieved by satisfaction of a need.

Humans have many needs. The need for a sexual partner, the need to protect ourselves against those animals which can harm us, to protect against cold and hot weather, to protect against other human beings who have needs and are forced by circumstance to attack us in order to satisfy their needs.

If somebody is cheating somebody, it is fear of needs.  You can go even further.   Somebody kills somebody, due to his needs.  Through that act perhaps they get a moment of peace or wrong joy and maybe a touch of wrong happiness.

But human beings by nature are happy.

If you look closely, humans are crippled by design.  We cannot fly, we cannot swim, we cannot run like other animals.  We cannot even sit comfortably without a chair artificially constructed for us.

We cannot understand which food we should eat.  We can be in the forest with many plants and trees around us. We cannot understand which one is good for us and which one is not.

Most probably, most plants are poisonous to us by design.  If there is one tree that has some fruit which humans can eat, that fruit needs to be fully ripe so humans can digest it.  Usually, before reaching that time, some birds, squirrels or bugs eat them up.  Then, out of desperation, humans find some grain and beans to consume.

We have to go through a lot of hard work and suffering, as God says in the Bible, to grow these grains or beans.  And after that, we have to collect them and save them for a whole year with lots of difficulty, fighting with bugs, fungus, mouse, rats and other pests.  If we can save them, then we have to take them through other processes.  Clean them with a lot of preparation, add salt and some other spices, then cook them, and then we can eat them. With all this preparation still humans cannot digest well.

Nobody tells birds and other animals, which seeds to eat. They don’t need to cook. They can even eat rocks and they do not hurt them. They can drink dirty water like most other animals and not have problem.

Humans cannot smell like any animal. Cannot see like any animal. Most animals can see in the dark. Humans cannot hear like any animal.

Who did this to us?  Why were we made so handicapped and crippled?

In the Bible and Koran, God says he did.  He finds an excuse to punish poor human beings. Who gave God permission to be judge and punish human beings?. They say in the Bible and Koran and some other books, God created material existence and created the human body.  Almost every enlightened or realized human being see that this human body is nothing but cage and that this material existence is nothing but suffering. Even in medical terms, the middle upper part of the human body is called the "rib cage".  The true self referred to by spiritual teachers is trapped inside our body in the rib cage.

Who put us in that cage? What was their purpose? Why did they want to make us suffer?

When human beings reach their true self, they become full of joy and peace and wisdom and knowledge.  In most cases society calls them "Saints", who are pure and good beings.  Whoever reaches their true self become good and pure, their actions become good.

Why did we have to be put in the cage? And who is controlling us mainly with the senses and the mind, which are not the nature of true self?

We don’t need to taste food for our true self to be happy.  We don’t need touch for our true self to be happy.  We don’t need to hear any music. Happiness is our true nature.  Our source is all joy, all wisdom and all happiness.

Who wants to control us with this physical body, senses and gravity, cold and heat, and torture us from the time of our birth to the time of our death?  What is he and the other three parts of him, his female part, his spirit part and his Mara part?  What is he getting out of this?

Some religious people remind me of children who have a bad father who drinks and becomes worse, comes back and beats and rapes everybody . When these children talk to each other they say: "he is not our father. Our father is very good guy. He is rich, handsome and very kind. Somebody must have changed us in hospital at the time of our birth."

If you disagree with what I see, I only can say you are right.

You must be that guy who is not suffering and have people around you who are not suffering.

We feel many people want to contact Teacher Shahram

We feel many people want to contact the teacher. This is the place to contact the teacher, click here: Shahram Kasiri. Many years ago his spiritual work started, he left the Kung Fu behind. He focus now on spiritual teaching and bringing people to enlightenment. He traveled to many places around the world. He lived in Portugal, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, India, and the list goes on. He met many people who wanted to know more about spirituality and the truth of existence but also about their true self, who they really are. He is often healing people by massage or by spiritual energy and teaching them at the same time. He believe the best way for human to learn is by joy and love.
Please pass it to who might be interested. (email:

Shahram brought himself completely out of the religion. Now he believes that religion is a box blocking mankind to grow spiritually and separate people from each other. He believes love, compassion and happiness is inside us. We don't need to look outside to have that. He is looking forward for the future where there is no border by religion, by name of country and politics, human can love each other without any fear or to be worry.

Yoko's Poem: Mind Game

This poem was written by a non-native speaker of English. Please be understanding.

     Mind Game

Where does this mind come from?

Where does this thinking come from?

     I ask innerself ...

  I didn't get certain answer

But, my mind was asked by me

sudden stopped to talk and

  became quiet     certainly ...

Who make our mind running all the time?

Talking of mind is completely not true.

      Nothing is real.

Who make us running to waste time of life?

Who make us believe that we have no value?

  Who is controlling us?

We have to stop this game.

We have to stop God's game.

We have to wake up that

  who have light is not God

        but us ...

Truth of Existence: Judgment Day

The Truth of Existence

This is the secret of Existence. If you are ready, read it. If you are not ready, just pass.

I was involved with Judgment Day. It started on the 15th January 1996.  After 10 years of suffering, extreme suffering and many matters, in the end I brought judgment day into the presence of God.  At that time, God was almighty. We were not allowed to look at him directly.  I came with my head down.  He was above. He said "What do you want?" I said: "We finished our Judgment Day." God said: "OK". I said "We brought it to your presence to see it." Finally, with his bitterness and mightiness, he turned, he was not very happy. He looked at the 10 years of judgment day. He looked and said: "WOW! Then I did everything. I did all the crimes." He added: "Tear me to pieces and bring me to justice."

What does that mean? That means that if someone goes stealing in somebody else's house, God put him in the condition of need, strong need, until he has no choice but to steal. He saw that all the good things that happen humans did themselves. All the bad things that happen, God did them himself. That is what he admitted that day. If you want to believe it, it is up to you. If you don't want to believe it, just go and suffer further and suffer more until one day maybe you wake up.

We don't have any desire to convince you that what we say it is the truth. We leave it up to you.

Poems from Yoko

I sing of love

I dance of joy

I paint of peace...

We are receiving your light

We are receiving your love

   We are receiving...


you are with us

That's the way

even though  I'm in any condition, any situation

even though I am anywhere

I believe your love

I believe your love...

that belief  make me strong

that's the way make me strong


Close my eyes

feel my heart

it's time to connect with you

my heart become all happiness itself

my heart become all love itself

I understood

no need anything else

In the silent

I talk with you without any words

just feeling you

  only you...

I felt this is real conversation

the time, my heart have no border

my heart spread over the whole space

the time, "I" was not existing there

I become heart itself

I become love itself

that moment,

I  was  love  itself

Teacher's speech

They says god made us but I believe he made our physical body. He made the physical body as a cage. Then he puts our true self in the cage. Where I live at the moment, there is a lot of nature around us, many plants, many trees. Almost all of them cannot be used by human beings. Purposely designed to make human life more complicated and more painful. We are, as human beings, growing our own food like rice and beans. After a lot of searching in so many different directions, we found a few grains to grow with a lot of difficulty. Difficulties of the weather, of no rain or too much rain, or it is too cold or too hot. On top of that there are many bugs, many animals all coming to attack. If you are lucky, after very hard back breaking work you can make some food by the end of the year, then you have to keep it until end of the next year. Again there are many different things that come to attack, mice, rats, bugs. Somehow it is designed to keep the human busy and make life as difficult as possible so we do not have a chance to sit in peace and think about the truth. Even when you don't have these problems, then you have the mind, the ego, fears and more and more things you have to fight with. For example, fighting in society to hold yourself in the river of society. Why are all those things there to take us away from thinking about ourselves, where we came from, where we have to go, what we have to be? Continually we feel something is missing, somethings is not right. I didn't reach where I should reach. Sometimes people think that if they become champions then they will reach their goal. They become champions, still they do not reach.

Our Group

We are living in the nature, we are a small group because of many reason. This is picture of our group here, some friends are visiting time to time and some other friends who cannot be with us at the moment.
Our group living together

Friends from other country, Yoshie and her group
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